Born in Sorengo on July 5th, 1993, Christian already shows a remarkable interest in music during his childhood. When he is 6 he already knows what his favourite instrument is going to be: the electric guitar. At the age of 8 he starts taking private lessons and at 11 he enters thescuola di musica moderna” (SMuM) in Lugano. He discovers the world of blues and jazz and four years later passes the exams for the pre-professional courses of this school.

He loves every kind of music, especially Progressive Rock and Fusion. He founds his first band called “Good Boys” at the age of 11, together with Elia Marcionetti (keyboard) and his brother Leo (drums). They play mostly blues and they perform at the historical “Grotto Pasinetti” in Gorduno (Ticino).

After 4 years the band splits up for many different reasons and Christian joins another band called “ControlC” for two years, until he becomes the lead guitar player of “Tipsy Road”. In August 2010 he plays for “Blues to Bop” in Lugano with the famous bluesman Woody Mann from New York. Christian also sings as tenor in the choir The Harmonics for five years.

In July 2012 he plays for “Estival Jazz” in Lugano with the  “SMuM guitar quartet” and he concludes the pre-professional courses in Lugano. In August 2012 he begins studying music at the “Swiss Jazz School” in Berne, and after successfully passing the entrance exams 2012 he is admitted to the Bachelor of Art programme in Jazz Music at the Lucerne University of Arts and Music. He finishes his bachelor studies in summer 2016 and is admitted to the Master of Arts in Jazz Music (Performance and Composition) at the Lucerne University of Arts.

In August 2014 he begins to represent LaBoga’s products with his first endorsement deal.

In 2015 Christian starts writing for his Solo-Project and also starts playing in the Band and duo called “First Floor”.

In winter 2016 Christian plays live for the first time with his Solo Project called “Christian Zatta and the Shifting Minds”: they are currently writing for the recording of the first Album on August 2016.

Since 2016 Christian also play with the singer Lea Nussbaumer in her Band “Nuba’s treasure of joy”.

In summer 2016 Christian records his first solo album with his band "Christian Zatta and the Shifting Minds".

Christian is currently attending the Master of Arts in Performance and Composition at the Lucerne University of Music and he released his first solo Album "Shifting Minds" in January 2017.

He is currently under the tuition of Frank Möbus, Kalle Kalima and Jesse Van Ruller.