Christian Zatta & The Shifting Minds

Christian Zatta and The Shifting Minds is an instrumental Progressive Rock Band with Jazz Nuances.

The band consists of a guitarist and composer (Christian Zatta), a bass player (Florian Bolliger), a keyboardist (Alessandro Fiore) and a drummer (Nicolas Struchen), all of them studying Jazz at the Lucerne and Zürich Universities of Music.
The Shifting Minds identify a diverse set of musical influences, coming mainly from the progressive rock scene, but not only: Jazz music and improvisation are both extremely important resources and a great inspiration for the young musicians. The mix of improvisation, jazz harmonies, rock riffs and odd meter grooves from the progressive world are the main elements in their music.
Christian Zatta wants to go further, together with his Shifting Minds, and target the next level to make his own contribution to the instrumental world of music.
 Quality, passion and energy are the driving forces behind The Shifting Minds, to create a music to surprise, captivate and touch their audience and themselves.



Christian Zatta - Guitars, Composition
Florian Bolliger - Bass

Nicolas Struchen - Drums

Alessandro Fiore - Keyboards, Piano

Christian Zatta & The Shifting Minds


Debut Album - January 2017



1. Almost 7

2. New Vision

3. Invitation

4. Atmosfera

5. Erratic Mania

6. Frail

7. Erase Me

8. Shifting Mind

9. Burning Peace



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