The Intergalactic Traveler
On a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam, lives the electric monk. His batteries are almost empty, and he thinks to  himself: "Oh fuck!"

NOVA takes you on an audiovisual journey, through space and time. Inspired by the colors and shapes of the known and  unknown universe, the trio wanders
through the infinite expanses of the musical cosmos, exploring strange new worlds,  creating futuristic atmospheres and taking surprising turns.
The Band combines rocking, pithy music with cosmic, filigree sounds that sometimes make you feel weightless and  sometimes as if you were in free fall. The music contains many improvised parts and has a raw, analog character.


The musical performance is accompanied by video projections that NOVA uses to tell a story throughout the concert.


NOVA are:

Christian Zatta - Guitars, Composition

Florian Bolliger - Bass, Visuals

Florian Hoesl - Drums


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